Insecurity Battle Scar

Each one of us is aiming for perfection, if not atleast acceptable. With that in mind we aim for a soft flawless skin that when we look we will be atleast satisfied with what we see. 

But how about if we are not born with it? Even those with acceptable clear face has their insecurity issue. How about those of us scarred with pimples and whatever that mess up our face? What are our chances of self esteem? Hell, our genes and hormones mostly messed up our aim to be acceptable. I myself have the same battle everyday. And each time i look in the mirror i wish not to dread and be insecure with what i see. Apparently, that’s not the case. I called it my “Insecurity battle scars”. Growing up i have to face this issue up until now the notion of it still gets into me. Whenever i stand with someone and somehow i have a feeling that he/she is checking me out, a selfie that you delete immediately cause somehow the picture that you took didnt quite passed your standard because of your unclear face. To be honest, i am still not fully in terms with how i perceived myself. The feeling that whenever you’re with someone you like out in the daylight scare the shit out of you, because you are afraid base on what you look physically. The same look that scars within your inside, the insecurity that your not quite good enough whenever they really look at you. The superficial thing that scars you in the inside. It is a battle for us and everyday we do something about clearing it and yes i believe somehow we achieved the goal in a way or halfway through it. Tell you what, i still feel insecure every single day of my life but somehow im hoping someone will look at me way past the scar that im coming to terms to be proud of. The scars that ruin my face represents my courage way past my insecurity, that everyday i have to be brave of facing people hoping i look good enough and adequate enough to be love and like. I have to address my scars on the inside to and learn to love it anyhow before i can truly be proud of how i am. Because it is a tough world out there and everyday we are strong enough to face peoples judgement on how we look. For that ,we have to commend ourselves and with that i am starting to be a little more proud on not just how i look but how i am as a person. Fuck it if they face the situation we have been in they might as well drown to death. It’s our courage that make us beautiful so let’s face the day heads up. 😜👍🏻