Looking or sizzling hot story? Ms. jasinda Wilder is the answer.

This sequel comes unexpected to me. First, alpha is a standalone novel as hot and as beautiful as it was written. I never expect that Ms. Wilder will surpass it and make us crave for book 3. Secondly, the unexpected twist. I love how a simple hot plot can lead us into the dark and dangerous past of Valentine Roth. Include to the fact how devious and cunning the new character is which is Gina i truly hate if i may say so. And lastly, how resilient, strong and loving Kyrie was. I was exhilarated when kyrie already put alot of hole to gina. It lessen the anger in me forr al the pain he cause to kyrie especially to valentine. It was so worth it. I am in awe of this book, brings alot of emotion, adventure and you will definitely crave for the next one. Kudos Ms. Wilder i am a fan of your hot, swoon worthy books. Always!👍



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