Filthy Beautiful Love

This book is a continuation of Filthy Beatiful Lies. Do not read this without reading the first one.

How do i rate a good book?

Hot/teasing sex scene ✔️ (yup! that’s the first)

Uberly dominant hero ✔️

Feisty heroine ✔️

and a hope for another sequel that will feature the other character and open up some interesting plot. (i like that, i love continuity)

Here’s a thing, Colton Drake is swoon worthy indeed. I like that they don’t start off with instant physical thing, its a nice twist from the usual read with all hot scenes and less storyline. The character of Sophie Evans did complement the hero’s character she’s typical little feisty and more submissive. Although, from the authors review of the first book it was supposed to be hot like sizzling hot and not teasing making-out hot. Sometimes the reader are getting frustrated (just sayin) . Anyway, in this sequel indeed put a nice ending to it. I find it a little ordinary billionaire-fell-for-innocent girl . I do like the story it’s an easy read and perfect for stress free sunday book. I like Kendall Ryan’s writing style. Over all ill give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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