Greatness unleashed

After reading Fifty shades series couple of years ago that totally reunite me back with my love for reading. ive never thought i’ll touch another gem of a novel (crossfire series by sylvia day, rosemarie beach series by abbi glines, falling into you and alpha by jassinda wilder to name a few) its like for the longest time i was asleep and there’s this cult of good author thats hidden underground that has yet to be unleashed. And in my opinion i think that the controversial book by E.L. James all the more boost the sales not only her book but all the great authors in this planet.

To this day the number of book boyfriends that i have continously increasing by the week. ( oh i know, im kinda picky) As my ibook and kindle bookshelf increase its number, my irate phone memory is giving me a crap attitude by hanging. But here’s a peak of my little shelf with all its greatness.

Let’s toast to greatness!



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