Looking or sizzling hot story? Ms. jasinda Wilder is the answer.

This sequel comes unexpected to me. First, alpha is a standalone novel as hot and as beautiful as it was written. I never expect that Ms. Wilder will surpass it and make us crave for book 3. Secondly, the unexpected twist. I love how a simple hot plot can lead us into the dark and dangerous past of Valentine Roth. Include to the fact how devious and cunning the new character is which is Gina i truly hate if i may say so. And lastly, how resilient, strong and loving Kyrie was. I was exhilarated when kyrie already put alot of hole to gina. It lessen the anger in me forr al the pain he cause to kyrie especially to valentine. It was so worth it. I am in awe of this book, brings alot of emotion, adventure and you will definitely crave for the next one. Kudos Ms. Wilder i am a fan of your hot, swoon worthy books. Always!👍



Detaching from my unwanted attachment

Have you ever been with someone that somehow becoming toxic? Do you ever feel like you want to detached from anything that makes you feel your self worth is a trash?

Through the sequence of my life i’ve been in an unofficial relationship with Mr. G. I’ve meet him through my bestfriend’s then boyfriend and we hit it off right off the bat. Seems wonderful for a time. The phonecall, impromptu visit and most especially the make out session. For a time i feel like that i was that special to him since that’s how he makes me feel.And i do feel like i really do love him then only to find out he has a long time girlfriend which i try not to mind since he told me “he wanted out” from their relationship. As much as i try to set it aside another lightning strikes, the said girlfriend is pregnant with his child. It was a crash i cant take, also i have told myself that i can take him taking time while doing his relationship with her but with a baby on board is a real deal breaker. I was devastated yet i have to end it. So i did.

Three years after that he called. We talk and text just like before. I’ve learned that he and his wife are heading to the splitsville and amicably trying to raise their kid separately. A spring of hope blossoms inside me, this new chance that i thought i have obliterate all the bad experience we had. Once again there this hope, hope that this time we can make things right. As the months go by i was contented on seeing him on his terms, the calls begin to get shorter and shorter becomes every once in awhile. I keep seeing him and we acted as if we are together when we are together but something doesnt seem right deep within. Assessing with my emotion i know i dont feel right, i should feel happy that he’s free but what’s in it for me? Everytime we’re together everything is as smooth as it should be, but as we part i feel like im nothing to him. Then i come to realize, i was nothing to him. He’s keeping me for his convenience and since i didnt complain he keep me at his side and as harsh it is to admit. He keeps me to keep him entertained when his bored. The last straw that snaps out of me was when the time when we’re together he keeps peering on my phone which is ok with me.But when i start to look at his phone his full on evasive. I ignore it at first but when he took me home ive sent a message to him and asking if there is someone else. Ive waited for days and no answer. After a few week a message from my him asking how i am, and finally i told him to fuck off… 😜

That’s when i tell myself no more. i refuse to be the on the side girl, and i refuse to be second best while his trying out his option.I have been clinging on my relationship for so long just to make me feel that i am wanted, beautiful and yet what it’s proven is my self worth in a trash. It’s a hard lesson to learn and yet im on my way to mastering it. It still terrifies me to be alone but im more ok to be by myself and feel amazing than to be with someone and make me feel like i am inconsequetial.


Filthy Beautiful Love

This book is a continuation of Filthy Beatiful Lies. Do not read this without reading the first one.

How do i rate a good book?

Hot/teasing sex scene ✔️ (yup! that’s the first)

Uberly dominant hero ✔️

Feisty heroine ✔️

and a hope for another sequel that will feature the other character and open up some interesting plot. (i like that, i love continuity)

Here’s a thing, Colton Drake is swoon worthy indeed. I like that they don’t start off with instant physical thing, its a nice twist from the usual read with all hot scenes and less storyline. The character of Sophie Evans did complement the hero’s character she’s typical little feisty and more submissive. Although, from the authors review of the first book it was supposed to be hot like sizzling hot and not teasing making-out hot. Sometimes the reader are getting frustrated (just sayin) . Anyway, in this sequel indeed put a nice ending to it. I find it a little ordinary billionaire-fell-for-innocent girl . I do like the story it’s an easy read and perfect for stress free sunday book. I like Kendall Ryan’s writing style. Over all ill give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


‘It Should Not Take Everything You Have to Turn Down Someone’s Offer for Sex’

its admirable to see someone stand up for themselves. it may take all the physical strenght ang fighting the losing battle but the result is always brave inspiring. i have so much respect for those women. No one should get used to being abused.


Twice in my life I have had to fight for my safety. Twice in my life I have physically pushed a man out of my home. Twice in my life I have thrown a man off of me and locked myself in a room where he could not come after me, until he left, until someone else came to help me. It took every ounce of physical and emotional strength that I had. It was exhausting. It was frightening. Had I been the slightest bit more tired, had I been at someone else’s house, had I not had the hope of someone else’s arrival to sustain me, I might have fought and lost. To Ellen and her mother, I might be an example of a “good” near-rape victim.

I should not have had to do it either time. The first time I said No, the first time I turned…

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One that got away (my thoughts)

It was never easy to be the one that was left behind. But i think what’s harder is still loving the one that leaves you behind after all these years…

Does it ring a bell? i can’t say that all of us who have loved and been left behind wishes to be with the one thats got away…. But i believe that few of a many have this yearning feeling. How do we deal with this?. Damn if i know, been in this dillema for more than a decade and though i have not seen the face that makes my heart ache i still think of him every. single. day. It’s inevitable as breathing for me, though i’ve wish and pray to lord god that somehow to help me forget. I somehow became desperate to obliterate the feelings and the memory. Since it fuck with my head bigtime. Know what’s sad? It never fades and i give up trying to make it go away.

Over the years i have learned to embrace it. For every dream that i see his face, instead of feeling sorry and yelling how unfair the world is i now give thanks. Gratitude for the opportunity to be united with the one i love even for just a minute. Maybe, i have had that great love of mine ( it is cliche yet it so fuckin true) and he was it for me and i lost him. I’ll always be thankful for that moment that i have with him. Borrowed or not, dream and glimpse of a memory i love it. And i am embracing this compelling-pathetic-one sided-love this is me being
brave. This is my way of freeing myself.


Greatness unleashed

After reading Fifty shades series couple of years ago that totally reunite me back with my love for reading. ive never thought i’ll touch another gem of a novel (crossfire series by sylvia day, rosemarie beach series by abbi glines, falling into you and alpha by jassinda wilder to name a few) its like for the longest time i was asleep and there’s this cult of good author thats hidden underground that has yet to be unleashed. And in my opinion i think that the controversial book by E.L. James all the more boost the sales not only her book but all the great authors in this planet.

To this day the number of book boyfriends that i have continously increasing by the week. ( oh i know, im kinda picky) As my ibook and kindle bookshelf increase its number, my irate phone memory is giving me a crap attitude by hanging. But here’s a peak of my little shelf with all its greatness.

Let’s toast to greatness!


blogsandpassion's Blog

Admittedly, i have never read the first book although for quite sometime i am an active mandy twitter follower. retweeting, qoute tweeting and ig sharing some of her tweets that really poke through my insides.

About the book:

Easily, this book chapter by chapter somehow brought me and i think mostly everyone who read it empowerment, hope and restores our beliefs. so for my first blog i dedicate this to you Ms. Mandy Hale you not just let me see what i already know but let me feel what my 33 yr old self keep telling me that is to start doing what you are passionate for and this is my start (hopefully not my last) most especially for enligthening me yet again to put a baby step back in my faith in myself and in GOD. Again, tthank you for the this book and its inspiration.


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